During these two weeks, you'll create your own online business portfolio, setting you apart from other candidates who use traditional CVs.

You will create a:

  • website, where you will upload all your portfolio work
  • promotional video, giving people a flavour of the real you
  • virtual and interactive CV, which gives an interactive way of showcasing your skills

You'll also learn these technical skills:

  • Be able to use structures, styles and software tools to create websites
  • Be able to prepare content for and publish a website
  • Engage with a company’s social media channels
  • Obtain, insert, manipulate and edit information for designs or images, using design software
  • Understand skills, visual aids and delivery styles involved in preparing and delivering a presentation
  • Create an appropriate social media presence to enhance a business presence

The packages you'll be using include:

  • Mindmeister
  • Premier pro
  • Photoshop
  • Content Management Systems 

During these two weeks, you will explore a range of exciting technologies, such as mobile app design, virtual reality, 3D printers, 3D pens and smart cities.  You'll take part in a Tech Action project, where you develop real entrepreneurial skills.  You'll choose a technology and come up with an idea as to how that piece of technology can benefit society. 

You'll develop your product idea and get it to protype stage - as well as build a crowdfunding page to raise money to take your product to market. You'll also learn these valuable skills:

  • The principles of Agile Methodology 
  • An understanding of personal practice and workflow
  • The ability to express ideas verbally, in writing and with visual concepts
  • Be able to understand and work independently and as part of a team
  • Give and receive constructive feedback and use this in own development

These two weeks gives you a great introduction to how Visual Effects for Gaming works.  By the end of the second week, you will have produced your own static 3D object.

You will start by completing a sound investigation of a game genre to produce a games concept.  From there, you'll develop a moodboard and then go on to actually create the object using Maya.  This will include: 

  • wire frame
  • texture
  • rigging
  • animation
  • lighting
  • rendering for industry
  • compositing
You'll also get an understanding for the industry requirement for sound file managment, which will help set you up for future projects. 

This week is dedicated to giving you the skills and confidence needed to successfully apply for an Apprenticeship or job.  

You'll work with an employability coach to:

  • update your online business portfolio 
  • discover what type of company you should work for
  • 1:1 coaching to identify suitable roles 
  • 1:1 sessions to help you to write your cover letters for specific roles
  • group and 1:1 interview practise, gaining confidence so you'll be more likely to get the job.

We'll support you with finding and applying for the right role, so you can have the best chance of succeeding.  

We want you to succeed.  Whether that means getting onto a great course, securing a brilliant job or an exciting Apprenticeship. 

When you start the programme, you'll meet with a highly trained careers person, who will complete a bespoke training plan with you.  You'll set goals and identify any concerns you have.

You'll then meet with your own personal digital adviser throughout the programme, who will work with you to ensure you achieve your goals. 

As we are part of New City College, you'll have access to a range of support services; so please let us know if there's anything you need and we'll introduce you to the right team.